"If you want to know how the world works, this is the place to start. I cannot think of a more necessary set of facts than these. Lobbywatch.org permits us to peer into the crucible of politics, to see how public perceptions and government policies are smelted and forged by corporations and their front organisations."

George Monbiot

Welcome to LobbyWatch

LobbyWatch is an initiative focused on exposing deceptive public relations activities, particularly in the realm of corporate advocacy. Originating as an extension of GM Watch, which scrutinises the PR strategies promoting genetically modified foods, LobbyWatch delves into a wide array of issues including environmental, agricultural, health, and trade matters.

Central to LobbyWatch's concerns are influential lobbyists like Dr Roger Bate, who operates through various seemingly innocuous organisations. These platforms are used not just to advocate for GM foods but also to launch attacks on a myriad of issues such as the Kyoto treaty, restrictions on smoking, and organic farming. Their influence is often closely tied to powerful political and corporate establishments, affecting public policy significantly.

LobbyWatch also exposes the often undisclosed funding sources behind these lobby groups. For example, it revealed that The European Science and Environment Forum, co-founded by Roger Bate, was initially established with funding from tobacco company Philip Morris, despite claiming to not accept corporate donations.

Another aspect highlighted by LobbyWatch is the 'third party' tactic, where PR firms generate third-party advocates to push corporate causes. This includes covert PR campaigns that demonise critics and generate fake support for industries. It specifically uncovers how some of these strategies and terms have moved from fringe rhetoric to mainstream politics.

Among the networks that LobbyWatch investigates is the Living Marxism (LM) network, which operates through various fronts to push a diverse political agenda. The network is an example of how lobby groups can shift their identities and areas of expertise to suit current needs, making the tracking of these groups all the more complex and essential.

By tracing the financial backing and interconnected activities of these lobbyists, LobbyWatch aims to provide a more transparent view of the mechanisms through which public opinion and policy are shaped. It serves as a resource for understanding the intricate web of pro-corporate lobbying and its far-reaching implications.

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